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About Carspot Ready - WiFi in your car

The easiest and smartest driving partner Carspot Ready!

Just prepare smartphone, it will be connected WiFi when you start a car. Carspot Ready will be ready and waiting in advance. Just stay focus on the road.

Now, let's find out what Carspot Ready does.
• Launch WiFi when starting the car (hotspot on smartphone)
• At the same time, it automatically runs frequently used apps in the car.
• It shows nearby map and traffic information while driving.
• When you park, will remember my parking location.
• When you get out of the car, it save the driving record (distance, time, route).

So, what can I do with Carspot Ready?
• All peripheral devices such as navigation can be connected to the Internet by WiFi connection.
• You can run favorite music, map, and radio apps without touching them.
• Connect smart devices (Android, iPhone, all-in-one) to WiFi in the car.
• Sharing your WiFi with your passengers and family.
• Get real-time traffic and driving directions.
• You can see my mileage, pattern, time, and path history.
• I can find where I parked.

More than anything! The most important reason to use this app is that Carspot Ready prepared it before I turn on the smartphone.

But what is the difference between Android auto and Apple CarPlay?
• Carspot Ready uses HOTSPOT, which shares the wireless Internet of my smartphone.
• There is no need for a supported car, and you can connect to the Internet with any device if you have a smartphone.
• No compatible apps are needed and you can take advantage of all the apps available on your smartphone.

Which app auto-launch support lists are available?
• Map : Google map, Waze, Transit, Sygic, all GPS apps.
• Media: Google music, Spotify, Samsung music, Youtube, Apple music, etc

[Compatible Smartphone]
You need a android Android 5.0 or higher with mobile internet.
Some smartphone models can request manual actions instead of automation.

★ Do you want to remove the ads?
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• email: [email protected]

Myos Arsenal
Great app for switching on the hotspot on my mobile when driving with my car. For that I need the app and so I also bought it. But I also have an suggestion for improving: If it would be possible to export t...
Harald Gruber
Used to manually switch on hotspot but often forgot and only realised when I was driving so car satnav, media etc werent connected to the internet. Now carspot ready does it all for me. No need to anything.
roger brown