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About Nox Car Racing

Are You Ready For The Legendary Car Race? NOX Car Racing With Mini Cars And Racers Is So Exciting!
If The Thought of Racing and Fighting with Other Players Excites You, You Should Download Our New Car Racing Game Now!
Racing Fast and Super Cars Has Never Been This Fun. While you are trying to beat your opponents, you will not understand how the time passes.
Action Packed Race!
Forget Ordinary Car Racing Games! Prepare for Next Generation Car Racing. Choose Your Super Fast Car and Racer and Start the Game. You Can Use Your Pre-Purchased Special Powers To Defeat Your Opponents! If you haven't bought it before, don't worry! Surprise Special Powers Will Come To You Along The Way. You Can Use These While Competing Against Your Opponents!

If You Get the "Back To Robot" Special Power While Competing, You Can Crush Anything In Your Way! Think Strategically and Apply! The Excitement Never Ends In This Car Racing Game! Remember Fast Wins.

Earn Daily Rewards!
If You Provide Daily Login To Our Car Racing Game, You Will Receive Many Surprise Gifts!
With Rewards You Earn, You Can Buy New Super Powers or Buy New Cars!

Unlock New Racers and Cars!
When You Complete Races You Get Many Rewards. With These Rewards You Can Unlock New Cars And Racers!
Moreover, You Can Improve Your Existing Car and Racer!

Career Mode!
In Career Mode, you can improve yourself and complete the tasks. Remember, the Missions at the Beginning Are Simple Car Racing Missions. In this way, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself. You May Need Your Car Racing Skill In Advancing Levels! Your opponents can be ruthless in the races.

As you complete the Chapters in Career Mode, you will continue to earn Surprise Rewards. Don't Forget to Add New Mega Super Cars and Star Racers to your Garage. By Speeding Up Your Speed, You Can Win Races!

Legendary Racers!
There are Special Racers for Each Car. Our Mini-Characters Are In Harmony With Each Other, Come With Their Cars! What's more, he can transform into a robot during the race and crush anything!
Upgrade Your Racers and Buy Special Powers Before Starting the Race to Be Even More Advantageous!

Race with Super Cars!
You May Have Super Cars, But Your Competitors Will Have At Least As Many Super Cars As You. So It's Time To Show Your Driving Skills. If That's Not Enough, Strive To Get Special Powers Found On The Roads. This Will Let You Defeat Your Opponents!

How to Play NOX Car Racing?
Starting the Game You Have Your Race Car and Racer in your Garage. You can start the game with your selected Race Car and Racer. Educational Images on How to Defeat Your Opponents Will Guide You. After Your First Race, You Have Now Completely Learned Our Car Racing Game.

You Earn Rewards as You Complete Races. With These Rewards You Can Buy Special Powers, New Race Cars, New Racers!
By Entering Career Mode, You Can Improve Yourself and Continue Uninterrupted Car Racing Fun.

NOX Car Racing Features:
-Realistic Car Racing
-Car Racing Career Mode
-Real Time Car Racing Mode
-40+ Different Levels
-Glamorous Graphics
-Fun Car Racing Effects

Other Features:
-Internet Car Racing Game
-Easy Game Learning
-Surprise Rewards

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