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About Camera iphone 11 - OS13 Camera

Description :

Camera Phone 11 - OS 13 Camera has several functions that provided the user with great and useful experiences.

Are you ready to save your best moments with Camera Phone 11 Pro?

★ Camera Phone 11 Pro Max is easy to use but full of features and you can capture high quality photos and videos with the OS13 Camera.
- Stylish HDR,Improve images captured in low-light and backlit scenes
- Select camera and video quality and JPEG resolution
- FACE automatic beauty feature, share your beauty with everyone!
- Sophisticated camera filters and color effects.
- Added fun emoticons to your photos when shooting with Camera 11 Pro. Camera Pro - Supports camera focus in professional mode. Scene, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation
- Autofocus or tap to focus
- HD camera, HD camera recording (with optional audio recording) Multi-touch zoom
- Auxiliary camera functions: Grid, v. - Continuous shooting: Allows the HD camera to capture multiple images in a row.
- Remote control: Timer or voice commands with Phone 11 Camera
- Scene mode (CNS); Exposure Exposure (EXPO)
- Supports professional camera mode: manual focus distance, ISO, exposure time, white balance temperature; RAW file (DNG).
- Automatic widget capture after Camera fo launch
- Photo and time stamps, support for geotagging
- Select folder to save images to phone camera 11 Pro
- Option to lock camera direction Vertical or horizontal quality
- Optional video and video quality in camera setup
- Selfie / Full HD Camera camera performance
- Shutter sound can be muted, Camera for Phone 11 Pro Max silent with silent shutter

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