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About ICP Fast Mobile Tech

The FAST Parts app has been specifically designed for the technician standing in front of an HVAC unit. “This helps them at the jobsite to find out what parts they need to make repairs, and where they can find them.”

The app actually helps them find their nearest FAST Parts Sales Center as well. “Once the part needed is determined, the app puts them in touch with the closest store, and by address or GPS we can provide them directions to the store.” And, the application stores the data so that a record is kept of parts used, making it much easier to complete paperwork once back at the office.

Key Features:
• Search by scanning serial bar code, entering serial number or entering model number
• Quickly locate parts list for unit and relevant technical literature
• View warranty entitlement and warranty claim history based on serial number
• Locate the nearest FAST Parts Sales Center and get directions
• Cross reference tool to determine the compatible FAST Parts part
• Ability to create jobs and add parts to jobs so that the order can then be emailed

What is Fast FAST Parts?
Solving challenging HVAC/R problems is your job. Helping you get the parts, supplies and equipment you need is ours. This is the Fast Parts commitment; we don't take it lightly.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration... at Fast Parts, you'll find parts, supplies, equipment and tools for residential and commercial applications. But it goes beyond that. Our counter sales associates are among the best-trained in the industry. They'll help you get what you need and get back to the job.

Make Fast Parts a daily stop. You'll find the big stuff... a compressor selection that will cover almost any application... but you'll also find the little things that are easy, yet painful, to forget. Duct tape? Wasp spray? Tools? Find it all at Fast.

At Fast Parts Sales Centers, we know how important it is for you to keep your customers happy and comfortable – it’s at the heart of your business. That’s why we’ve worked to create a mobile application that will allow you to easily identify the parts you need, and then check availability with your local Fast Parts Sales Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the purpose of the FAST Parts app?

The FAST Parts app helps technicians find the parts they need for HVAC repairs and locate the closest Fast Parts Sales Center.

What features does the FAST Parts app offer?

The FAST Parts app allows users to scan barcodes, enter serial or model numbers to find parts, view warranty information, locate the nearest sales center, cross-reference parts, and create jobs with added parts.

What does Fast Parts offer?

Fast Parts provides parts, supplies, equipment, and tools for HVAC/R applications. They also have well-trained sales associates to assist customers.

What can be found at Fast Parts Sales Centers?

Fast Parts Sales Centers offer a wide range of items, including compressors, duct tape, wasp spray, and tools. They prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort.

How does the mobile application help HVAC technicians?

The mobile application helps technicians easily identify the required parts and check their availability at the local Fast Parts Sales Center.
Great for parts lists. Very quick. No major issues.
Seth Harvey
use it every day. works just fine for me on all icp branded equipment. dont put the entire model number in it wont always work. if all esle fails run it by serial number it will autopull and load rhe model n...
Jason M.
Love it it's great keep up the good work
I was able to look up all the specs, for multiple units...
Nathan Rothenberg
great app
Steve Martindale
Wonderful, accurate, easy to use. Find part numbers for parts for all ICP products.
Jeff Stoehler