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About Sahayata

Basically, the main motive of Sahayata app is to connect the person who is in need of some service or aid or support with the social worker, service provider or anyone who can help. Service may be paid or free. For eg: blood donation(free) and ambulance(paid).

Sahayata app majorly depends upon the particular location or region. When a user opens the app then those posts(services & support/aid) which are near to him are shown. Users can like and dislike the post. I have used advanced algorithms to filter the post. So, the probability of finding service depends on the distance, rating and verification status of the aid provider and hence, the person who is in search of help is served with the best service and support. Just click on the post then you will see a call button. Call a service or support provider and get help. Here are some amazing features:

1. No login and signup needed. Simply open the app and get help instantly or help a person by uploading a post
2. Ability to work without network connection. (Once the data is fetched from the
Server, it is stored in localDB unless new data is available)
3. Ability to Vote & downvote any service provider anonymously.
4. Filter post by location, vote, review and date
5. No user data is stored in the server. User is always anonymous
6. Search support & service using advanced search

Hari Prasai
Helpful app. Now i can find emergency services near me anytime.
Shreejan S
prabin bhetwal