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About Drum Grooves Arranger

With 'Grooves Arranger' you can create, SAVE and export drum tracks by combining various drum patterns:

+ Playback via soundfonts
+ Soundfont with 13 drum kits included: (Rock, Jazz, Dance, Electro,...)
+ Over 1500 drum grooves included (easily extendable)
+ Export the final pattern sequence as WAV or MIDI file
+ Extract the drum tracks from "normal" MIDI song files
+ Change tempo during playback
+ Apply effects: Distortion, Flanger, Reverb, Chorus
+ Gapless looping
+ Add cymbals on beat #1 to vary a pattern
+ File system based drum pattern browser
+ Examine a soundfont's sample/key assignments

Note: Saving drum tracks is only possible in this full version, but not in the free version!

...More features will be added in future:

+ More pattern/beat editing options

Note: Currently this app is "only" a drum player and arranger on pattern level, but not on beat level, ie. not capable of creating *new* patterns like a beat sequencer.
But as a pattern is just a MIDI file, you could use your prefered MIDI file editor to modify patterns or to create new ones.

Support & Feedback
The "Help & Info" menu inside the app offers a way to submit feedback, ie. ask a question, make a suggestion or report a bug!
Please report any error you might encounter or directly to [email protected]

And finally, if you like this app - RATE IT !

Keywords: Drum, Groove, Beats, Midi, player, Loops

After 10 minutes of playing with this app, I think I'll never speak to a real drummer again. I hate programming stuff, but this app is super easy to work with, and fun. Unlike real drummers. Good job!
Zaragil von Slangenwald
This is a great app if you are looking for a way to string drum patterns together. There is a pretty broad range of drum kits and patterns and it is pretty easy to use. Well worth the price in my opinion.
BMan Wells
I have wasted so much money on useless apps to make some drum styles to use with my keyboard. This one exceptional and so good and with a bit of experimentation, quite intuitive to use. An off line handbook ...
Richard Kinge