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About Bus Drivers

- Free movement around the game world
- Well-developed intercity buses
- Wide customization options (write whatever you want on board the bus!)
- Ability to help other drivers on the route
- Company management, hiring drivers
- Animated boarding and disembarking of passengers
- Change of day and night and change of weather conditions
- Realistic display of damage
- Control the steering wheel or buttons on the screen or by tilting the device. Realistic grip mode from Driving School 2016
- Detailed salons
- "Smart" traffic counting system
- Ability to play with friends

This is an amazing game app. Easy to install and use.It is very useful for android user.I recorded to use this app.Thanks
Tecno Pouvoir
This app is an game app. I am download this app. Not open the game
Nice game I enjoy It! Graphics nice game can play smoothly feel like real bus driveršŸ¤­
rubiat alam