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About Road Puzzles

Play this free offline casual game full of logical puzzles & fun with your friends and family.

Exercise your brain as you solve puzzles along the way to the parking spot.

Get bonuses for finding the optimal path to the parking spot in the minimum number of moves.

Solve clever parking puzzles with gates, portals, car washes, spray shops, electrical gates, trains, slime, steam rollers, manholes, candies, switchers, yin-yang, while avoiding parking jams.

How to play:

▪ Think about the best way of moving cars
▪ Drag you finger to build path
▪ Tap and park your cars
▪ Avoid obstacles on your way to parking spot
▪ Try different difficulty levels

Collect up to 7 cars to park in your garage.

Find the shortest path for victory.

Get in each level 3 stars.

Unlock extra levels in each chapter.

Explore 11 unique areas.

Can you solve all 295 levels?

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Some can be a challenge but most of them are simple and the whole game is fun.
Annette Stuart-Hawkins-Chapman
Challenging little game. Even the easier levels can be tricky. I love that you can earn diamonds easily. Big thumbs up from me!
Old Man Odinsson
I love it!
Kirsten Petra Nicholas