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About Boxing Interval Timer PRO

Now you can customize each round or rest time as you want. *
Profiling supports! Create different profiles for your training!
Boxing! It is live! This application serves to count boxing rounds. It will help you to train at home. It includes the preparation signals, the start and end of the round signals, as well as periodical signal inside the round. The timer can also be used for other sports such as muay thai, mma etc.. You can operate the button "Fight!" using the accelerometer or proximity sensors, without removing boxing gloves. Also you can choose some own sounds.

One of the comments:

Gary Lewis, 1 september. 2015 г. в 15:06
Awesome Boxing Interval Timer App is awesome. Well designed, with bright colour screen backgrounds for fighting round modes, resting, etc. Figures nice, big and bold for use on phones. Love the genuine bell sounds at start and of rounds and voice. Easy to change settings, great layout especially when phone is vertical / horizontal. App is also good for things like Tabata cardio workouts, etc. Sleek, simple, versatile and brilliant. Don't waste time getting the free version, [email protected]? the ads and get the pro if your serious!!

* Please, don't be upset if you find some bug. Just write me about it and I will try fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

Very useful
Phil Oliver
Thanks for having the option to pay for this with no ads, I loved the free version and look forward to using this one
Brett Kellett
All around goos stuff
Rough Hausen