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About Bricks and Balls - Brick Breaker Game

Bricks and Balls is the most exciting Balls Bricks Breaker game. If you like Break bricks games, we can assure you Bricks and Balls will be your favorite bricks game! Play the classic Balls bricks breaker game for free now. New versions of Bricks and Balls and more bricks stage are coming soon!

As the top bricks and balls game, Bricks and Balls has thousands of well-designed bricks levels and exquisite bricks game modeling. What are you waiting for? Download Bricks and Balls now and enjoy the game!

Bricks and Balls Game Features:
- Free to play Bricks and Balls
- Easy ball control.
- Tons of levels.
- Wonderful bricks balls game experience.
- Various unlockable props.Lots of bricks and ball.
- You can play without wifi.
- Subscription options.

How to play Bricks and Balls
- Hold the screen with your finger and move to shoot Bricks.
- Break bricks with balls to cause damage to bricks.
- The brick breaks when durability drops to 0.
- If any brick reaches the bottom, the game ends.
- Crush crush them all bricks, the game pass.

Bricks and Balls is an addictive bricks and balls game. Funny for shooting balls, break bricks with balls to crush crush them all bricks.

With Bricks and Balls, you can unlock various balls, paint different backgrounds, challenge rainbow levels, archive difficult achievements... So when you have loads of boring time to kill, come and break bricks with friends all over the world.

Download Bricks and Balls now, swipe and launch the balls to break brick, you could be the bricks breaker master! You must break as many balls as possible to get the highest scores and pass the brick levels.

To be an brick breaker,hold the balls to crush all the bricks ball. So is the bricks and balls game!

Any questions for Bricks and Balls ? Please contact us at [email protected]

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good time pass
rita kalyani
One of the most fun games!
Marcel Marcel
Very addictive
Kris Lacey
Love the games, especially gravity. Sometimes the ads won't load. Occasionally it crashes or locks up my device requiring a reboot.
Dennis Blanton
Its fun so much so that its AWESOME!!!
Joe Balga
This game is great. You start playing it and think you've only been playing for 20 minutes until u realize its been over an hr!.That's because you get so into it. Having a blast.
Ambri Brickey