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About Splits Stopwatch: Multi-Athlete

A powerful tool for effectively recording times for many players participating in any event, even multiple events occurring at the same time. Splits and laps are important. Whether you’re a coach of a large team who is timing team members in a race, a marketing director testing products, or even a scientist running tests on many different subjects, this tool may help you accomplish your task. Even casual runners can use it as a manual log by typing in all their split times. More advanced users can save races and players to build a robust season.

If you have any problems, questions, or need help. You can call me directly on my home phone number.



- Expect Regular Version Updates: The Multi-Athlete Splits Stopwatch Application will be continuously improved as it's an active project.

- Please email me
| with any problems you have.
| any new functionality you want added

I'll email or even call you back right away. The app is far from perfect, so expect updates. I wish you all the best. Thanks for download

Instructional Videos & Tutorials:
Note: More will be added over time

Although coaches benefit greatly from the data they can acquire, the list of people who use this app can vary. For example, marketing directors, test administrators, scientists, sales directors, product designers, product testers, engineers, swimming coaches, soccer coaches, track coaches, track & field coaches, distance coaches, sprint coaches, cross-country coaches, assistant coaches, swimmers, runners, joggers, sports teams, CrossFit instructors, CrossFiters, physical education teachers, PE teachers, personal trainers, fitness trainers, parents, spectators, casuals, interval timers, lap timers.

Really enjoying the utility that this app provides. I had to watch the instructional video to get the hang of it, and now it's simple to get the splits I need. Beyond that, I contacted the developer with som...
Larry Mull
This is the best stopwatch app I have used. I use it to time multiple swimmers at the same time. Thanks for the stopwatch app I never knew I always wanted.
Marc Johnson
This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm using it to time multiple baseball players in the 60 yard dash.
Professor Wright