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About Brain Love

🧠Life is not easy, you can always be deceived at any time, that's life. Are you confident that you're smart enough to get through those tricks?

If you've never been cheated, don't say anything, but if you've been tricked, why not quickly take your brain to wash it, re-forge a smarter, more sensitive brain.

You wonder what kind of brain training? Don't worry, join Brain Love right away. You will be the one to overthrow the adulterous stories of the thick-skinned, find spies that harm your safety, are a lover of beauty, coincidentally, what we are. I'm not missing beauty :) Interested yet?

Hundreds of crazy entertaining puzzles that you must use your crazy brain to solve. But scientists all have crazy ideas :)

🔸The mysteries behind the photos you look at are seemingly ordinary.

🔸Transform into a famous detective to overthrow mysterious plots.

🔸There are many game modes. Attractive puzzle themes for you to choose to practice.

🔸Interesting graphics, attractive, unique style, novelty.

🔸Effects, sounds, animations are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

🧠 How to play is simple, use the tools provided such as: magnifying glass, scanner, eraser, ... to find the mystery in the given pictures.

Although the gameplay is simple, the puzzles are not like that, you have to be smart to solve them, try it now to see how smart you are :)

Click INSTALL to download Brain Love right away🤗🤗

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Madhavan free fire
Nice game but it have 18+, things
Draco Gamer
Ashoka Saha
Honestly this game is just perfect!!!!!
Md Noyon
really gd app amazing levels
jitendra kumar