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All Video Player 2020 – Full HD Format VideoPlayer Screenshot 1
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About All Video Player 2020 – Full HD Format VideoPlayer

All video player - play HD videos is one of the best and newest floating videoplayer. Xilli apps bring you a new fantastic full hd video player 2020 through which you can play any type of video. The primary job of mp4 video player offline is to play all formats videos. But what makes the mix video player love songs player unique, is its unique features and best quality video playing with minimum battery, CPU, GPU and RAM usage in this movie player. In max 4k hd video player, we tried to ensure optimized performance leading to a smooth, jerk-free and best user experience video songs or video content playing in our free video player app. This app plays video quickly and smoothly. Support for webm files is also in work free player. The playback feature is ready to be added. You can play high definition quality video through super fast ultra hd player app. All videos are played in full hd mode is given a high-quality player.


All Format Videos Support:
All video player 2020 has easy control to play movies, video songs and funny video clips. This app supports all video formats including FLV, MKV, MP4, AVI player etc.
Best User Interface:
Easily tap to open your all video files from your phone storage for the next play. This media player all format 8K HD video player will give you the better quality of any ultramovie video. You can play your video automatically by clicking on the list of available videos. This app provides you a powerful hd video player environment. Best video player all format is a very efficient media playback application by which you can play different videos, use the next video button that will automatically pick up the next video lecture from storage.
Easy Control:
Controls were so never easy like we presented in full hd funny status video player to play xx videos. Now you can change volume level, brightness, screen intensity, loop, repeat or single clip player on the same screen of dotplayer in this top player.
Loop Videos:
All video HD player also provides you looping features in which you can repeat your favorite video. This Xilli apps best video player app show you all videos list that are stored in your mobile device. You can easily play your video through this video player. It is completely free.
We don't stop here. We are continuously working on adding new and new unique features. Always working on how video player hd can be made more smooth, unique and productive. Some of the key features are listed below

***key features***
- HD playback your videos files
- Supports all most popular multiformat like mov, vcl, vob, FLV, MKV, MP4 and WAV, H.264, .mpg, .mpg2, H.265, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-3, .mpg3, .mpg4, 3gp1, .3gp2 etc.
- control video playback volume
- pause, play and forward video options for the next 1 music and video.
- play video from android phone files.
- filmer video player for Android

***How to Use***
- To play video tap on play button and as like for pause
- Play next or previous video by tap on forward and backward button
- Change volume by swipe up and down on right side of screen
- Change brightness by swipe up and down on left side of screen

Much more flix features, like music playing and audio support with smart music fun, in the ultra hd video player, are on the way stay connected with us for more future best audio video player updates. Stock video, countless clips share, and much more on way. Visit our privacy policy page at
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