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About Boxstorm - Inventory Management

The Boxstorm™ app is the first inventory management solution that integrates with Quickbooks Online. As a cloud-based app, it helps businesses track their inventory from virtually any location and any device.

Automate manual inventory management processes, such as adding items, modifying inventory counts, monitoring changes with audit trails, and integrating with QuickBooks Online to automatically update your accounting records. Perform cycle counts and maneuver inventory items to get orders flowing in and out of your warehouses.

Boxstorm includes the following features:
Add: Increase inventory quantities.
Remove: Reduce the number of items on hand.
Move: Change items’ locations within a warehouse or between warehouses.
Cycle: Update inventory quantities based on a physical count.
Create Items: Add new inventory items to the system.

This app is perfect for my business.
Colton Lemmon
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