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About PainScale - Free Chronic Pain Tracker Diary

The Popular pain tracking app for iOS and Android !. Awarded one of the Best Fibromyalgia apps of 2019 – by Healthline. Join over 100,000 chronic pain patients who manage and scale their pain and symptoms with Painscale; the highly-ranked pain tracker health app on the web!

The PainScale app offers a FREE suite of pain management tools to help chronic pain patients to scale their pain.
Manage a Pain Tracker Diary!

Created with input from doctors and chronic pain patients, the Pain Diary acts as a pain tracker and organizes all the information the patient needs in one accessible location. With over 800 organized articles, health tips, exercises, information on pain meditation programs and treatment options, pain management becomes easier.

PainScale provides personalized pain management education for users. Trusted content. is available to help people understand their symptoms and better manage their condition. By providing insights to a community of other patients who share their treatment information, PainScale helps patients discover information about treatment options that may work for their condition.
PainScale is an easy and simple to use, pain and health tracker app.


• Pain Diary – log and track your pain to track triggers, pain intensity, symptoms, treatments, medications, activity, mood, and sleep digital scale.
• Pain Reports – get and send summary and detailed reports for better patient-physician communication, you can take all the information you need from the Pain Diary.
• Insights - personal tips to help you discover information about treatment options to better manage your condition
• Trusted Content – get FREE access to a searchable library of articles, videos, and meditations to help find pain relief,
• Daily Health Tips – get daily meditation, stretches, and exercise routines, everything you need to help you cope with your chronic pain
• Integration with Google Fit – simplified and seamless connectivity with Google Fit for tracking health and fitness activity
• Reminders – get reminders to help stay engaged with restoring your health
• Care Team Communication - tap-to-call and tap-to message functionality options that connects you directly with your Physician and Support Network
• Customize your experience for pain management with a personal profile
Get the info you need in the following topics:

• Chronic pain
• Pain relief
• Lower back pain
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• A migraine
• Fibromyalgia
• Failed back surgery
• Arthritis
• Pain management
• Coping
• Neuropathy
• Nerve pain

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What are the things that make your pain increase, what spikes or triggers it, and what helps you the most?
PainScale helps you get actionable insights to better your pain relief and health in general.

Pain scale and pain diary have been used by physicians for almost five decades – it is one of the most valuable tools in pain management. takes advantage of the modern digital technologies to provide an easy to use pain tracking solution using the same proven pain management methods. web site and the app is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of someone else, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional

Download Now PainScale - Free Chronic Pain Tracker Diary!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PainScale?

PainScale is a free chronic pain tracker diary app for iOS and Android that helps patients manage and scale their pain and symptoms.

What features does PainScale offer?

PainScale offers features such as a pain diary to track pain intensity and triggers, pain reports for better communication with physicians, personalized pain management education, access to trusted content, daily health tips, integration with Google Fit, reminders, care team communication, and customization of pain management experience.

How can PainScale help in managing chronic pain?

PainScale provides a pain diary to track and organize pain-related information, personalized tips for treatment options, access to a library of articles and meditations for pain relief, daily health tips for coping with chronic pain, and connectivity with healthcare professionals and support networks.

Is PainScale a reliable source of information for managing pain?

The PainScale app and website provide trusted content from healthcare professionals and input from chronic pain patients to help users better understand their symptoms and manage their condition. However, it is always advised to consult with a physician or healthcare professional for any concerns about health.

How can I download PainScale?

You can download the PainScale app for free on iOS and Android devices by searching for "PainScale - Free Chronic Pain Tracker Diary" in the respective app stores.

What topics can I find information on through PainScale?

PainScale provides information on various topics related to chronic pain, including chronic pain itself, pain relief, lower back pain, back pain, neck pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, failed back surgery, CRPS, arthritis, pain management, coping, neuropathy, and nerve pain.

How can I contact PainScale for help or support?

You can contact PainScale by sending an email to [email protected] or by accessing your account on the web.

Can I connect with the PainScale community on social media?

Yes, you can join the PainScale community by liking their Facebook page at
Appreciate that I can share this with my healthcare provider(s). Would like to see Amazon Halo added as a supported device. Also, love the medication dosing feature. Would be excellent to see once/monthly an...
Jenn Paulson
Editing from March 2020: Man, you guys have amazingly improved! I decided to start tracking my pain again and thought I'd give this app another go. Not bad! I like it even more now! 5 stars! I would give you...
Kyle Russell
This app is incredible. As a Disabled Veteran recently diagnosed with multiple inflammatory diseases this app has been beyond valuable for documenting my various conditions. These things often come with cogn...
Jason Aliano
My doctor was impressed that I found this app. It came and comes in handy. I'm not sure how I'm going to get the report with it connected to my Fit bit that I didn't have a year ago. So I'll update again onc...
Karina Rain
This is a pretty great app to keep track of your pain and your moods going along with it. If it does not have the word that you're looking for complete the spelling of the word and it lets you add it to the ...
Amanda Haigh
This is the best app that I've found to accurately log pain and treatments tried. Is very helpful if you ever need to apply for ss
Patsy G