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About Aircraft Cockpit

The Aircraft Cockpit app recreates the six main flight instruments (the six-pack) that you find in the majority of past and present airplanes: Speed Indicator, Attitude Indicator, Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Heading Indicator and Vertical Speed Indicator.

This Aircraft Cockpit app is NOT certified or approved by the FAA or similar institution of your country. It is NOT intended nor suited for being a primary navigation aid. It is intended for educational and recreational purposes only. DO NOT rely on the accuracy of any of the instruments of this app. USE AT OWN RISK! See license agreement.

Mounting Instructions:
For the proper functioning of the instruments, it is very important to mount your Android tablet or phone in landscape or portrait orientation and exactly upright and facing the direction of travel! For more details please see the built-in User's Manual by pressing the menu button.

Try the demo version first BEFORE buying this app, to make sure your device has the necessary sensors.

This app makes use of several of your phones internal sensors. It's functionality and quality depends on the existence and quality of these sensors. For optimal functionality the following sensors should be available:
- GPS (please grant location permission)
- Gyroscope
- Accelerometer
- Magnetic Field (Compass)
- Air Pressure (Barometer)
For some of the instruments, alternative sensors can be selected (for example the Altimeter can derive the current altitude either from the GPS or from the air pressure).

It works as it says.
David Nightingale
I'm not a pilot but this is fun and intreesting.
Chris Rasmussen
superior to anything else, not much could improve, except ( maybe ) the provision to set Altimeter using up/down buttons concealed in the face rim ( because frequently the user might know there altitude, but...
Jon-Anthony Colley