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About bodyxq heart

Body XQ ( bxq )

BodyXQ – body excursion – is the world's first interactive education program that enables you to travel inside the organs of the body and explore their functions.

A Dream Come True:
Did you ever dream of making a virtual journey through your heart – the body’s "motor" – and exploring it using the tips of your fingers?
With BodyXQ you can.

Did you ever dream of watching the heart operate from inside its own chambers?
With BodyXQ you can.

Did you ever dream of looking at the billions of cells that make up the heart and the arteries and exploring how their health, in turn, determines the health of the entire cardiovascular system?
With BodyXQ you can.

Taking a ride through a coronary artery and understanding for the first time why people get heart attacks but not "nose attacks" or "ear attacks".
With BodyXQ you can.

Interactively opening a pumping heart with your own fingers, just like a surgeon, and your computer being the scalpel that opens it for you – all in the comfort of your own home.
With BodyXQ you can.

Exploring the billions of cells that make up the heart and the arteries, like a scientist, and your computer being the microscope that allows you to see every miniature detail – in the class room.
With BodyXQ you can.

Interactively studying the effects of micronutrients – such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements – on the performance of cells and learning how cellular function determines our health and the development of disease.
With BodyXQ you can.

Improving your own health with this knowledge – and helping your family and friends to do the same by introducing them to this website.
With BodyXQ you can.

Surprising your biology teacher with knowledge he could not have given to you himself – because this information was not given to him at the time he was training.
With BodyXQ you can.

Becoming so fascinated by the function of the human body, and by understanding the cellular basis for health and disease, that you become a nutritional consultant, a health professional or a volunteer educator in a new era of health.
BodyXQ may trigger that.

Looking back in a few years with pride and knowing you were part of a groundbreaking interactive health literacy campaign that helped improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Keep up the good work! Let people know everything about their health.
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nice to be able to change speed and sound is great.
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