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About Body Temperature : Thermometer Records History App

Body Temperature : Thermometer Records History App is the most compact application for those users who are facing abnormalities in their Body Temperature. This Fever Thermometer Logger will help the user to maintain the Fever records on regular interval. The user can take decision on the basis of this record. The user can setup checker reminders, the reminders will help the user to check Body Temperature. The application takes the useful information from user which will be processed by application to generate guidelines and BMI of the user. The application provides multiple views and options which makes this application much easier for user. The application has smart checker feature as the application indicates that whether the Body Temperature is in normal range. The application gives the data and record in multiple formats. User can discus all the reading in various forms with medical personnel. Type the Body Temperature value in Fahrenheit and press on conversion to convert the value to the centigrade value.
Following are highlighting features of this application:
Enter Body Temperature in Multiple Formats as per your convenience.
 Add in one touch Body Temperature, weight, as well as taken drugs.
User can maintain the records and enter values any time.
Use and set different Body Temperature units - Centigrade and Fahrenheit.
Provide complete user info in order to enable the application to calculate your BMI.
Follow the info and guidelines to get better health.
The user can setup reminders to check blood sugar level.
Maintain records and have summarized values.
View graphs and charts and share it with your doctor.

The Body Temperature diary will allow you to track your fever records also add tags, medications, condition, and weight to each record. This Body Temperature app has been designed and developed for quick and easy tracking of daily Body Temperature to help in easy fever management. Add tags to each record – so with the help of fever buddy you will find out your fever dynamics, for example, Before meals, After meals, In the Morning, In the Evening, etc. The recorded test results will be put into the graph view and grouped by date automatically. This allows you to see how your Body Temperature varies, fever app offers an easy way of logging your thermometer readings in one place and analyses it through graphs and even print it as a pdf file.

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