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About Splash of Fun Coloring Game

Splash of Fun Coloring Game is a game that gives you the option to have fun with traditional painting tools like paints, crayons or felt pens. Kids, together with their parents, can create their own little masterpieces, creating similar effects to the ones acquired on paper. The game was created with the youngest in mind (tested on four- and five-year-olds), but older kids and grown-ups will also have lots of color-splashing fun here.

We can play in the following way:
- we color pre-prepared images selected from the library,
- or we create our own "masterpieces" using provided painting supplies.

Little kids will find here many pictures to color with a bucket tool that fills large areas at once. Older kids and adults can try drawing their own creatures and scenes, and color them with a wash of paint, crayon or spray paint. We can also add highlights and shadows, correct mistakes with eraser, use undo and redo functionality or change the size of our preferred coloring tool.

You can decorate the image with small colorful stamps to make it even more interesting.

We can pick colors from several color palettes - there are 14 colors in each one. Every color can be swapped for another according to your needs and preferences. To do this use the extended color palette and the color field and the color slider to adjust the hue and shade to any color you want. Use the picker tool to pick the color from the image you are coloring.

The images are grouped in the following categories:
- for girls - princesses, castles and unicorns,
- for boys - dinosaurs, vehicles and adventure,

- animals and nature,
- fruit and vegetables,
- holidays and special occiasions: Christmas and winter, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day.

Additional features:
- save your own projects and return to them later on,
- share your saved images through e-mail or on Facebook,
- return to the project you're working on whenever you want,
- listen to the pleasant music in the background (with an option to turn it off),
- zoom in and out of image to make coloring more precise,
- decorate images with fun colorful stamps.

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