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About Stact - Live Scores, Stats & Athletes

STACT App - The go to application for sports fans and athletes. Follow events and athletes, watch them unfold in real time, and manage athlete careers all from your mobile device!

"I think this is an amazing initiative. Having this kind of information is something missing in our sport. How to break records if we don’t know the records?" - Pierre-Louis Costes

"Stact App is a sophisticated yet ultra simple-to-use app that is going to change the game in action sports statistics. It's sleek look allows you to guide your way through multiple sports and allows you access to your favourite rider down to the smaller details. Something that is going to seriously turn heads!"
-Iain Campbell | 2017 APB World Champion

Stact Features:

- Follow your favorite athletes and events
- Choose to be notified when the event is on or when athletes are competing, so you never miss the action.
- Stay updated with news about who you follow
- Live results, updated in real time
- Go in-depth with live results graphs and charts
- Analyze multiple different stats to better understand athlete performance
- Hundreds of filter combinations allow you to see how athletes perform throughout their career in specific locations at different times.
- View different charts, graphs, and tables giving a visualization to performances like never before.
- Discover events and athletes you may have looked past or didn’t know about
- View the rankings tab to explore top performing athletes

- Discover and register for events
- Comparing results gives athletes an avantage against upcoming competitors
- Look back at previous event results to analyze what you did or didn't do
- Stay connected to social channels with quick sharing for results, stats and more
- Unlock your full potential with Stact!


- Live stats and information
- Live judge sheet and shot charts
- Basic athlete and team statistics

- All silver features
- Full athlete and team stats
- compare athlete and team stats
- no service fee's when registering to events
- no ads when playing videos
- share and download video content

Choose an organization, team, or athlete and we'll give a portion of your subscription to them!

Follow us on social media for updates @StactApp


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Stact App?

The Stact App is a mobile application for sports fans and athletes that allows users to follow events and athletes, watch them in real time, and manage athlete careers.

What do athletes say about the Stact App?

Pierre-Louis Costes described it as an amazing initiative that provides information that was previously missing in their sport. Iain Campbell, the 2017 APB World Champion, said that the Stact App is a sophisticated yet ultra-simple-to-use app that will change the game in action sports statistics.

What features does the Stact App offer?

The Stact App allows users to follow their favorite athletes and events, be notified when events or competitions are happening, stay updated with news about the athletes they follow, view live results in real-time with graphs and charts, analyze athlete performance with various stats and filters, discover new events and athletes, register for events, compare results, look back at previous event results, stay connected to social channels, and unlock their full potential.

What are the premium subscriptions offered by Stact?

Stact offers Silver and Gold premium subscriptions. The Silver subscription includes live stats and information, live judge sheets and shot charts, and basic athlete and team statistics. The Gold subscription includes all Silver features, full athlete and team stats, the ability to compare athlete and team stats, no service fees when registering for events, no ads when playing videos, and the ability to share and download video content.

Can organizations, teams, or athletes benefit from Stact subscriptions?

Yes, Stact offers a program where a portion of a user's subscription can be given to a chosen organization, team, or athlete.

Where can I follow Stact for updates?

You can follow Stact on social media @StactApp to get updates.
Soccer live scoring is a game changer!
Danique Dowling
Like using it at beach surf meets
Belinda Kamai
Really easy to use!
Thomas Lambert
Did an excellent job.
David Castle
Primo bro🤙
Richie Reihana
Great app keeps me updated while heats are running.
laurice nutt