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About Ludo Battle King

** The World #1 classic Ludo game is now available for you to download and play with your friends and family for FREE! **

Welcome to Ludo Battle King : Get ready to Fly!

Ludo Battle King often known as Aeroplane Ludo is a Simple yet very excited board game! Ludo Battle King is new flavour of Ludo family with much more fun and challenge.

We create all new modernised Aeroplane battle version of classic Ludo game for you to enjoy. We add some twists in classic Ludo game rules to make it more entertaining and make more challenging.

Familiar formula, familiar game mode, recall your childhood memory in this classic Ludo Battle King board game! Roll the dice, fly the plane and win the best Ludo Battle King challenge!

Ludo Battle King Rules (Read Carefully) :

Take off : Roll the dice to take off. Set the pre-condition 2,4,6 or 5,6 or only 6. Once you get pre-condition, the plane take off from the base. If you roll a 6, you can get a chance to roll dice one more time.

Jump : When a plane lands on the same colour block of its own colour, it will jump straight to the next colour block.

Strike : When your plane fly to the grid where the enemy’s plane is landing, you can strike them and sent them back to their base. 

Ludo Battle King Features :

- All new modern theme of classic Ludo
- Local multiplayer with options to play with one or more Computer or Players
- Added new game rules/twists
- More challenging AI
- User-friendly interface
- Nice Sound Effects
- Easy to play, simple and addictive
- It’s totally Free!

Ludo is very similar to Indian old game Chopat.

To win this Aeroplane Battle game, you need more strategy more efforts. Play this royal board game with your friends and family.

FREE Download this Ludo Battle King without any inApp purchases and challenge your friends!!
Let us know your suggestions/feedback in review.

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