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About Luna Solaria - Moon & Sun

Accurate Moon and Sun details at your fingertips in an attractive interface. View a beautiful real-time image of the current Moon phase, complete with technical data including upcoming Moon phases. Quickly see if the Moon is above the horizon and find Moon rise and set times and precise Moon position in the sky by looking at the Lunar Position screen. If you also want to know Sun rise and set times, look at the Solar Position screen.

Luna Solaria is immediately ready to use after installation and is designed for efficient use. Easily swipe to reach each screen, or click on convenient icons. The app automatically configures your location by using your phone's geographic location.

The app uses precise mathematical algorithms accurate to a second or better (milliseconds).

Specific features are listed below. All data is live (real-time), based on your current time and location. An optional, paid upgrade allows the date to be changed to any day, 6,000 BC to 10,000 AD, with the results adjusted accordingly.

Current Moon Details
* Picture of real-time Moon with true Moon surface from NASA images
* Names of Moon phases (waxing, waning, crescent, gibbous, new, first quarter, full, third quarter)
* Dates of upcoming Full, New, First and Third Quarter Moons
* Percent of full
* Age (days and percent)
* Brightness (magnitude)
* Zodiac sign
* Distance from Earth

Lunar Position Details
* Moonrise and moonset times.
* Transit time (highest point in the sky)
* Subtransit time (lowest point below horizon)
* Azimuth, in degrees (the compass direction of the Moon's location)
* Altitude, in degrees (how high above the horizon)
* RA (right ascension) and Dec (declination)
* Ecliptic longitude and sign of zodiac.

Sun Details
* Sunrise and sunset times, including twilight times (Civil, Nautical and Astronomical)
* Transit and subtransit times.
* Azimuth, altitude, right ascension and declination.
* Ecliptic longitude and sign of zodiac.

Planet Position Details (purchase necessary)
* Times of rise, set, transit, and subtransit.
* Azimuth, altitude, right ascension and declination.
* Ecliptic longitude and sign of zodiac.
* Provided for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

System Requirements:
Android 5.0 or higher and compatible with portrait mode.

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Agree with the latest post on this app. I also really like this app, it's one of my favorites. Sad that is has not been working as of recently 😪
Clayton Perriraz
I do love it, so far so good now if only someone other than joe tools will please develop a moon plugin that works and stays updated with word press.
AngryGirl Feminist
Best app and naice sistem 100 % 👍
canada faisal ge