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About NiceLock (Ad-Free) - Launcher for Good Lock

---- NiceLock ---

NiceLock is a launcher application for goodlock customization modules for Samsung devices.

Good Lock is an incredible official app by Samsung for customizing Samsung devices. It consists of modules which edit and change many things in the UI such as task changer, notification panel, lockscreen, split screen and more. Unfortunately it is only available in a few countries. Even if you install them manually, most of them does not appear in your app drawer. That is where NiceLock comes into play, by acting as a launcher for all of your modules, allows you to access them.

NiceLock (Ad-Free) is ad-free and paid version of NiceLock.

Important Note:

•NiceLock does not install Good Lock modules due to Google Play Store rules, and you need to install these modules manually if you are outside Korea, the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada.

•Adding shortcuts to homescreen

•Night Mode
NiceLock has a Night Mode option to be easier on your eyes and if you just prefer darker layouts.

•Cloud Database
When opened, NiceLock checks its own database to see if your modules have updates available.

•Cloud Rollout
When a new module is published, you will be able to see it on NiceLock instantly without even needing to update NiceLock!

•Push Notifications
When a module update is available, NiceLock will send you push notifications.

•Material Design UI
NiceLock is updated with a fresh, clean Material Design UI.

Good Lock © is a trademark of Samsung.

Jad Georges Salameh
This app allowed me to access all Good Lock features, which are essential fore any Samsung Note mobile or Samsung Tablet. Quick minimization of apps when I swipe the screen corner and quick minimization of a...
Waleed Essmat
A must have as a Galaxy Z Fold 2 user if you cannot use Good Lock from Samsung.