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About Text to Speech - Read Aloud

Support diverse types of text inputs reader (text to speech)
1. You can read text from files (PDF and TXT) like your ebook, papers, news article, email
2. You can input or type text easily via google speech recognition
3. You can even scan text from book or real papers via camera-based OCR text scanner and text reader (only latin characters supported)
4. You can load text from your favorite websites (e.g, HTML and web page reader)
5. Still you can type text with keyboard

Support easy control of Text-to-Speech (TTS)
1. Play/Pause/Forward/Backward functions of TTS
2. You can easily change language, speed, and pitch of TTS reading voice
(volume change should be done by physical volume keys)
3. Auto scrolling on text while read aloud on text

1. No restrictive features (e.g., unlimited read aloud and TTS speak)
2. Unlimited OCR, voice input, web page reading, no words limits
3. No Ads, No distraction

Support sharing feature
1. Share your texts - send an email, copy to clipboard and send to other apps
2. You can easily copy texts from other apps too. Then, paste and read aloud in our main read screen

* We strongly recommend to install google text-to-speech (TTS) engine. Our text to speech app is best compatible to it. Then, our app can read to me.

* For offline use, you need to install text-to-speech (TTS) voice data reader in advance. Please go to setting tab and click "Install TTS voice data". Then, you can download a specific text to speech voice you want.

* We'd appreciate your valuable feedback. Please, report bugs or request features to [email protected]

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Great app
Diana Simeonova
This app is very helpful to me and my family as English is our second language. It helps me with the correct pronouncing of words as well for my family too.
Mercedes J
Very useful app. Helped with my studies. Ability to down load and read whole files so you do not need to read them. Great to save on time and to help process information. No annoying adds and free app.
Kris tine