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About Blue Tel Messenger

BlueTel is the name of the unofficial version of Telegram Messenger for Android smartphones that uses the api of the original version of Telegram Messenger. BlueTel has all the features of the original Telegram, in addition to the new and various capabilities added to it, we mention them:

+ Voice Chat
+ Record voice conversations
+ Advanced TV (all networks)
+ User numeric ID
+ Yar Channel
+ Adjust the volume of the voice chat
+ Mass deletion of groups, channels
+ Transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram
+ Post text translation
+ Translate message sending time
+ Advanced identifier
+ Forward messages without displaying quotes
+ Add and edit posts
+ Advanced ghost mode and secret chat
+ Show those who save our number
+ Advanced and multiple message forwarding
+ Voice and video calls
+ Group video calling
+ Radar to find close people
+ Night mode and shut down the account
+ Has a profile photo and beautifier profile
+ Ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously
+ Categorize chats into groups, bots,
Channels and contacts in separate tabs
And many other advanced features ...