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About Idle Weapon Fantasy

Idle Weapon Fantasy Key Features
★ An endless Online Idle RPG incremental game

★ 40 unique weapons
Different weapons with different abilities. Divided into 4 roles: tank, knight, mage, and support.

★ Various ways to strengthen your weapons
There are many options to grow your weapons: bronze levels, silver levels, skill levels, transcend, weapon tier,...

★ PvP arena and Leaderboard
Battling against other players, earning valuable rewards, and showing off your ultimate formation.

★ Dungeons
Making your way through challenging bosses and monsters to get different resources

★ Relics and Runes
Empowering your weapons with powerful types of equipment

★ Talents, Events, Quests, and more...
Many more features await you to explore. All of them will guide you through a challenging journey.

Contact us through Discord:

Any suggestion or bug report is really appreciated. Have funnnn!

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Nice Game :) Btw Add New Weapon And Event Please '-'
Update: I switch to a different device and am really enjoying this game! Very impressed by the amount of features this game has considering how new it is. Really excited to see more updates. Definitely recco...
William Kluge
"Gacha but you get showered with resources." Fun incremental with some unique upgrade mechanics. The tutorial can be a bit dry and confusing but the game gets easier to understand once you played a bit. Besi...
Game does not open for me. Not sure whats happening it just crashes every time I load in. Edit: the game opens now and they fixed it really fast!
Really cool game, but don't really know what to do
O comic
Very good game. I think it should be named Super Idle Fantasy.
Proma Kin