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About Blink Mobile

Get the Blink Mobile app for Android devices. Designed to help provide electric car drivers with a streamlined user experience as well as new and enhanced features!

- Charging station list view - Now you have the ability to view stations in a list, which can be sorted by station name or range from your current location. In addition to locating EV charging stations on the Blink Network based on your current location on the BlinkMap, you can also search for stations based on station name, address, and/or zip code. The BlinkMap is the default view once the app is opened and is also an option that can be selected from the main menu.
- Report a Station Issue - Notify Customer Support of issues you may be experiencing with a station directly from the app, including the ability to provide pictures.
- Blink Member Account - Become a Blink Member and/or access your full Blink Member account profile, notifications, payment, etc.

useful great
From a moment I've installed this app,I did not have any issues with it. There were some problems with a charging station but not with the app.
Arkadiy Voskanov
Great App/Service! Not sure where all the bad reveiws are coming from. The charger closest to my house is in perfect condition and to-date I've had no problems with the app.
Thomas Boyd
It works, just wish that it would work with the phone NFC like Chargepoint chargers
Shawn Vega
Works great!
Leon Vasgoya
Always close when I need a charge.
Ted Socia