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About Learn French Words – Blarma

Learn French vocabulary - at least 5 words per day with effective pictures and audio pronunciations. Enrich your vocabulary by learning French verbs, adjectives, nouns. Improve your pronunciation skills. Memorize the most common French words in less time.

Learn French words with Blarma as follow:
- Adjust learning speed: 5, 10 or 15 words per day.
- Choose the words you want to learn and start the lesson.
- Focus on pictures to learn words.
- Watch short videos to better understand some words.
- Listen to pronunciation records of words.
- Answer questions that make learning easier.
- Learn to pronounce words through feedback.
- If you want to increase your score, repeat the lesson.
- Practice as much as you want with the words you have learned.

Learn French in a fun and effective way: If you have just started language training, consider long-term progress. Build the habit of learning at least 5 words a day. Review what you've learned with spaced repetition. Blarma prepares an ideal French learning program for you.

Features of the French vocabulary app:
- Daily vocabulary lessons
- Adjustable learning speed
- French words, verbs, adjectives, nouns
- Basic, intermediate, advanced word lists
- Thematic and favorite word lists
- Pictures and translations for all words
- Pronunciation records of all words
- Vocabulary memorization exercise
- Vocabulary listening exercise
- Word typing exercise
- French pronunciation exercise
- Question-based learning system
- Language skill scoring system
- Spaced repetition system

Try Blarma for free to learn French.

Best Way To Learn Vocabulary or a Foreign language! Actually after years of studying many foreign languages... This is the only app that has actually worked for me to learn any language. It is Very Fast too!
Vicky Graves
It's really good app and easy to use
Taa sha
A brilliant way to learn and be able to remember. I was quite elated with the app and would thoroughly recommend it. Thanks to the producers!
Sue Wright