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About Bixin - Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Bixin, focused on cryptocurrency industry since 2014, is committed to developing into a world-class blockchain platform, enabling everyone to equally hold and use blockchain assets.

Bixin has achieved globalization and collectivization, its business spread throughout the upstream and downstream of the blockchain industry.

Cryptocurrency Wallet with IM enabled
- Group chat: Enjoy group chats with your contacts - accommodate up to 21,00 people
- Moment: Discover what experts are thinking, grab investment opportunities

OTC Market
- Efficiency: Simple flow, all currency supported, trading at instant
- Secure: 24/7 customer support solving after trade problem

Margin Trading
- Convenient: Fast to borrow, easy to trade
- Trading Cryptos: BTC/USDT/ETH/EOS/LTC.

【Rig Store】
- Platform Supervision: Rigs being in Bixin's custody and supervised by Bixin
- Hashrate Guarantee: Power outage insurance to reduce losses
- Claimable Rigs: User being rigs' owner, can claim rigs anytime

- Convenient: Batched mainstream exchanges, in Bixin trading across the world
- Rapid: Coin-Coin exchange, 0 commission
- Rate: Smart trading always at the best price

- Safe and reliable: Facial recognition + Personal password to safeguard users' assets
- Easy and convenient: multiple authorization mechanisms to choose, one-tap asset management by online coordination
- Open and transparent: Mutually managed assets, bills, authorization records are open to all mutual managers
-Five major cryptos: Already supporting BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, LTC

- Interest account - Crypto term deposit, Yield grows over time

- Trust: Help to build trust among strangers in every transaction

Red Packet
- Multiple Red Packet Types: There are normal red packet, luck-test red packet, and code red packet to choose from;
- Mutiple Cryptos Supported: 11

cryptos supported in total;
- 100 "satoshi"s as threshold: Bitcoin red packets' unit is adjusted to "sat" to make you look generous;
- Multiple Channels to Share: Can be grabbed at Bixin, or can be shared to other social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Third party APP
- Convenience:All useful APP with no need to register

Contact us

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

[email protected]

or follow us on Twitter:


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So far so good. As long as they keep the service fee low and free, i will recommend everyone to use it
Shahram AzarParsa
One Word Superb....
Aditya Kumaran
Thats Perfect...low fee,secure,fast and have good sup.
Saeed Chaman