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About Bitcredit Loan

Bitcredit Loan—cash loan online platform
Before proceeding with the loan transaction, DO study the TERMS&CONDITIONS in the Disclosure Statement .
Bitcredit loan Product Introduction
★ Long term: 91-180 days, the specific period must be determined by credit evaluation;
★ Interest rates: Loan interest rate: up to 29%/year(APR)
★ Transaction fee: online PHP80; offline PHP180
★ Service fee: 0.1%
For example,
your loan amount is PHP10,000 ,Term:91 days
interest is:( 10,000 * 29%)/365*91= PHP723,
Service fee is :10,000*0.1%=PHP10
repayment amount = PHP10,000+interest fee PHP723+Service fee PHP10=PHP10,733⭐ FAQ:
conditions of the peso cash lending money app service⭐
How to apply for an easy Biecredit loan via the app?
1. Use your device: a smartphone.
2. Download the Biecredit loan application.
4. Select your loan amount.
5. Fill the forms.
6. Wait for SMS or call for approval.
7. Get the money from 2,000-20,000 pesos to your bank account or GCash e-wallet or any nearby
M Lhullier/RD pawnshop.
Benefits of Bitceredit loan
No collateral – unsecured lending.
No need to spend your time in-office visits.
No inconvenience, use 1 ID.
Growing approval amount. Start a journey to significant sums of money, any time. Grow your financial shoulder from 2,000 to a significant sum 20,000 pesos.
Who can get a cash loan
✔️A person is a Philippines citizen and 18+ years old.
✔️Has at least 1 id and has a mobile number.
✔️Has a job or self-employed.
How to receive your peso loan?
Get money to your bank account or GCash e-wallet or any nearby M Lhullier/RD pawnshop.

How much time to wait for the money?
In most cases, you will receive an automatic SMS notification; otherwise, you will get a call, After approval.
How much cash can I borrow?
Our current loanable amounts for first-time applicants range are from are between 2,000 to 4000 PHP. Repeat borrowers in good standing can borrow up to significant sum 20,000.
How to make a repayment of your credit?
Take your reference number. Use these options. Go to any 7 Eleven and use the Cliqq or Gcash.
Bitcredit loan app company information:
Address of the Lending company: Petron Megaplaza,Sen.Gil Puyat Avenue
Bitcredit loan Lending Corp.
The company is a legit Financing company, SEC Registration No. : CS202023409
Certificate of Authority #1021
Email: [email protected]
Disclosure Statement :
To make sure you are qualified for the loan, we need you to provide your personal information including complete name, ID, contact number,etc. The information you provide will only be used for loan review purposes and will not be leaked, and the information will never be used for other purposes. If you do not have a successful loan, we will not keep any information. To ensure that we can contact your contact persons in emergency, we need to access your contacts.You can refuse.
To verify your identity, we require the following app permissions:
Contacts Permission
Privacy Policy:
About SMS permission
This is an essential part of the user loan process.
SMS permission is required for us to complete the credit risk score, which helps us identify the various financial transactions you may have, cash flow patterns, description and amount of a users transactions to help us perform a credit risk assessment that allows us to determine the users risk profile and provide the user with the appropriate credit analysis.
Financial transaction text messages will only be verified when necessary. We do not collect, read or store the users personal SMS from the inbox.