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About Birdfy

Birdfy is pioneering in the realm of bird watching. It integrates smart camera technology into traditional bird feeders to record the birds that visit, providing bird lovers with a unique view of the feathered guests! Totally revolutionized the way we interact with nature!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Birdfy?

Birdfy is a company that combines smart camera technology with traditional bird feeders to capture and record the birds that visit them, offering a new perspective for bird lovers.

How does Birdfy work?

Birdfy integrates smart cameras into bird feeders, allowing them to capture and record the birds that come to feed. This technology gives bird watchers a unique and innovative way to observe and interact with nature.
I used the Netvue app for over a year with my camera feeder. It worked fine, but it seemed like it was a security camera app with a bird feeder tied to it. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Netvue rele...
Charles Owen
Absolutely incredible - the feeder as well as the Birdfy app are both amazing & the quality of the photos is excellent.
Tim McNevin
Great app, not only if you own the Birdfy feeder, but it's great for other Netvue products since it does a great job organizing all of your video captures/feeds through the app. Extremely simple to download ...
Dave Favorito
App works great! Love to see birds up close at my feeder and love identifying birds I've never seen before! Really nice that you can view past notifications so it's a nice way to unwind at the end of the day!
Jakub Kornowski
I recently updated from the previous app, this one is great. I love seeing birds from other people's cameras.
Leo Elrick
This app replaces the Netvue app for my Birdfy. It is leaps and bounds better than the first one, I am actually surprised because I didn't realize I needed this or how much better it could be! The style of t...
Christina Pigeau