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About Islamic Athan - Quran, Dua, Prayer Time & 99 Names

Islamic Athan is the best Islamic app with Quran Kareem, Dua, Namaz, Prayer Time and hijri calendar. Best app for Ramadan رمضان كريم to recite Quran, offer prayer on time with accurate salat time and namaz time to spend Ramadan 2019. Enjoy Ramadan when azan alarm will be provided at adhan time “أوقات الصلاة”. Recite Holy Quran Kareem from this Islamic book and Ramadan book. Islamic Dua, 99 names of Allah & 99 names of Muhammad also prayer time for Muslims. Muslims app with many of Islamic features and Dua for you. Islamic app with masnoon dua and azan app for prayer time to recite Holy Quran Sharif at Ramadan 2019. Islamic Athan book provide you nearby places and Islamic azkar with 99 names of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and 99 names of Allah. Islamic application to know about Islam as a true Muslim. Visit mosque location around you. Quran (القران الكريم) Hades & Athan (الصلاة) is the best Islamic prayer times app for Muslims to say adhan and offer prayer and learn Asma ul husnaa (names of Allah). Make your prayer timing amazing with Quran app (الشريف القران المجيد) also learn Kalma & Namaz, Dua and offer tasbih of Allah & Islamic guide athan for you. Read Quran Pak and dua of many apps from dua app. Real Allah k nam “Asma Ul Husna” & namaz ka tareqa.
Best Islamic featured app for you with
Quran – Read Quran during Ramadan and other days of the year in muslim guide app. Reciting Quran your believe on Allah will be more strengthen.
Prayer Time – Azan alarm on prayer time remember you to offer prayer and be the true muslim while offering prayer.
99 names of Allah – learn and remember the 99 names of Allah and save these Allah names in our mind.
99 names of Muhammad (SAW) – Hazrat Muhamad (PBUH) is the most beloved prophet of Allah almighty. Here are provided 99 names of Allah. Recite these names then Allah will bless you and furnish your trust on Him.
Daily Ayat of Ramadan 2019 – This supplication app will teach you and provide many dua and ayat for Ramadan ul Mubarak to call in mind and offer every time while walking, sitting or lying down at mosque.
Nearby Mosque – Search and find nearby places for mosque and nearer mosque location and live address.
Islamic Athan app time table (مواقيت) of salah, fasting and masnoon e dua for Muslims (إسلام). Muslim azan pray is an Islamic app with time information for salat times and offer nearby mosques for you to offer prayer. Islamic app with prayer time is a reminder and call to pray. Quran, Duaen, Prayer time, 99 names of Muhammad (PBUH) & 99 names of Allah offer you all ine one Muslim apps to learn sunnate Rasool. Recite Holy Quran Majeed and repeat sunnatein. Read Quran pak and Quran free for you. Allah names and Islamic prayer and many Islamic duas for free to call in mind. A lot of beautiful Islamic duas to learn from best Muslim apps. Beautiful dua & azkar for this blessing month of Ramadan 2019.

Islamic Athan is the best supplication and way to learn Dua e Magfirat and recite Quran (Coran) at daily bases. Map location of nearer mosques. Muslim azan pray and Islamic prayer time is an Islamic app with time information. Athan Muslim have 99 names of Allah and 99 names of Muhammad (S.W). As a true muslim teach your child the Farz e Uloom and provide them Islamic application and Islamic education. Easy to read any dua, Allah names, Muhammad names, Quran Sharif and Islamic supplications. Manage your prayer from prayer timing app. Find direction from nearby places and nearby mosques along with accurate distance and also it show accurate address for you. A list of mosques around you and their pray times or salah times for prayers Muslims. Read hades and Quran and pray for yourself and for all Muslims for dua and supplications. Accurate timing for fasting for Sehri and Iftar and also learn beautiful supplication and Islami Dua from this Muslim app. Many dua from Quran & Sunnah e Rasool (Sunnat e Nabwi).

Masha Allah !After Igot this application my life very simple! May Allah us all jannah
Ibrahim Yasin
Very good point.
Tariq Vakani
This is very beautiful and so excellently prepared.
Abdullahi Shehu Idris