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About Biermacht

Biermacht is open source! Check out the GitHub page here:

Biermacht is a homebrewer's companion app and recipe formulator for Android. It allows homebrewers to carry their recipes with them wherever they go. Import recipes from your phone, or the cloud via DropBox. Make changes to existing recipes or create completely new recipes on-the-fly. Biermacht comes with a brew-day timer to track your mash and boil, as well an ever-growing number of useful calculators.

Please do leave feedback and suggestions for improving Biermacht so that I can make sure it best suits the community's wants and needs. Send me an email or leave a comment if you have features you'd like to see added, and I will do my best to implement them!

And, if you enjoy the app, please leave a quick rating!

- Create all-grain, extract, or partial-mash recipes.
- Per-recipe color, gravity, bitterness, and ABV calculations.
- Calculators for ABV+Attenuation and Hydrometer temperature adjustment
- Brew day timer to track mash steps and hop additions.
- Automatic mash step temperature / volume calculations. Supports infusion, decoction, and temperature mashing.
- See how your recipe compares to the target style.
- Add important fermentation / bottling dates to your calendar.
- Import / export recipes from SD card, Dropbox, and Google Drive
- Supports Imperial and Metric units

Excellent app!
Misha Bar
It does all the things you need without being too annoying. Would be nice to be able to import or share ingredient info.
Tom Hirashima
Good app. It is possible to have a price field for fermentabes , hops, etc ? And in the end full price per recipe ?
Ionut Diacu