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About Bibox

Bibox, AI-enhanced digital asset exchange, is one of the world's best cryptocurrency exchanges now. Bibox provides token exchange, contracts, bonds and margin trading with high liquidity and market depth. Bibox is committed to providing users with quality tokens and the most smooth trading experience. Featuring security, stability, transparency and user-friendliness, Bibox is widely complimented by experts and users of the industry. Furthermore, we’ve been offering BIX holders the most special products and services, like BIX Incentive Rewards and Treasure Box.

Key Features:
1. Real-time quotes and professional charts
2.Support various trading options: token exchange, bond, margin and perpetual contract
3. 24/7 multilingual customer service

Try Bibox Right Now, You Will Gain An Incomparable Trading Experience

Contact us:
Twitter: Bibox/@Bibox365
Facebook: Bibox/@Bibox2017
Reddit: r/Bibox
Medium: Bibox Exchange
Youtube: Bibox Exchange

Good apps
Beautiful Bangladesh
Love the app except the update procedure. Only can download the new apk first but it always needs many retries because it gets stuck. If I go to Google play the update is not there and if it is it's even slo...
Robert Terlaak
Nice application
Rafat Hossain