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About Avatar Maker: Fantasy Pony

Create an original pony character! With us, anything is possible. A unicorn, with its beautiful horn... A pegasus, with its wonderful wings... Or do you want everything all at once? A fantasy alicorn! 🐴

You can change everything: the eyes, the mane, the tail, and of course it can be any color you want. You can apply patterns to the body to get stripes, spots, or other wonderful designs! 🌈

We have prepared the most beautiful outfits and clothes to decorate your ponies. And accessories, emotions and magic, for that extra special charm! πŸ’–

Our maker will give you a lot of pleasure. The game contains tons of elements for your boy or girl horses, and it's sure to provide many hours of fun! πŸ”₯

The app is free and you can't spend real money in it, and yet everything works fine without wi-fi (Internet)! No need to worry about a thing: just enjoy being creative. 🎨

You can share your finished pony on social media or save it to your personal gallery! We will be glad if the picture ends up as an illustration for your story or even as graphics in your game. 🌌

❔ (If you can't find the picture in your gallery, use the β€œshare” function instead of β€œsave”) ❔

We wanted a cool emoji of a unicorn here, but what came out was a goat: 🐐. By the way, did you know that horses and ponies have rectangular pupils in their eyes, like goats? And zebras are closer relatives of donkeys than of horses...

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions! πŸ“§ Have a good time and share your thoughts with us... Good luck! πŸŽ‰

I love this game I think they need to update that game with new bodies like mermhorse, bat horse and make new wings and new tails and mains
Andrea Black
I would give this a 5 star rating i love to design so its great. But i would like some more hat choices? I would also suggest, ways the wings can look on the pony i think that would be cool! Anywa great game...
-XximademonxX -
This is the cutest and the nicest game ever
Abby O Sullivan