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About Sensor Blue

The Smart Hygrometer Thermometer is the easiest way to monitor the humidity and temperature conditions affecting the things you are about.
Just quickly pair the app with the humidity-temperature sensor.
Then you can check the current temp and humidity status of the environment.
You can connect more than 100 devices in your app.
If you want to use data, you can export your entire history to CSV for analysis. It records the data every 10 mins.

Five stars for innovation. However the app can be improved further by giving more flexibility to adjust/fix the graph's axis, point readings on graph for a certain period of time, ability to compare differen...
CN Ooi
Great app will recommend highly and buying a couple more
craig slight
Just discovered the logger! This app just opened a whole new world! It records the temp and humidity over time and provides the info in simple and easy to understand graphs. Lets you monitor what temp and rh...
Sil Green