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About MIY beyerdynamic

Turn your beyerdynamic Bluetooth® headphones into your very own headphones and add a personal touch to them via the MIY app. With three functions, you can adapt your Bluetooth® headphones perfectly to yourself and your individual hearing. This way, you can experience a splendid sound picture – in all its glorious detail.

The MIY app can be used with the following beyerdynamic headphones:
- Aventho wireless
- Amiron wireless
- Xelento wireless

In the above mentioned beyerdynamic Bluetooth® headphones, sound personalization by Mimi DefinedTM. Participate in a 6-minute long hearing test using the app and upload your sound profile directly to the headphones. Enjoy your music with sound that is perfectly tailored to you – regardless of the Bluetooth® device.

Gain insight into your individual listening habits: the MIY app measures duration and volume of your daily listening. The so calculated sound dosage indicates when you should give your hearing a break.

The Aventho wireless, Amiron wireless and LAGOON ANC are controlled via the touch pad on the right ear cup. You can adjust the sensitivity of the touch pad according to your personal preferences. For Xelento wireless, Blue BYRD and Blue BYRD ANC, you can find out about all features of the remote control.

Headphones require a firmware update:
A firmware update for all Android users of the headphones Aventho wireless, Amiron wireless and Xelento wireless is necessary to enable the headphones to connect to the lates MIY App version .

Download the firmware update tool under (Windows or Mac)
and connect your headphones to your computer with an USB cable. You will then install the update step by step.

Have fun with the MIY App!

Requires Android 6.0 or later.

hardis zhang
Didn't work at first. Then I realized I needed to update the firmware on my headphones through the computer. Then my Aventhos connected seamlessly.
00111010 01010000
Very Useful Once you get the app set up and hearing test done the sound adjustments which can be regulated by percentage are great. Love the Amiron Wireless Headphones and this app makes them perfect.
Mariah Caffee