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About English Russian Translator with Offline mode

This app helps you translate words, text, sentences or phrases between English to Russian and Russian to English .

Offline Mode: You can translate seamlessly even when you are not connected to internet. This offline feature is free for all - yes, no in-app purchase or premium version to buy. Requires one time download of translation files but you don't have to wait for it to finish - use online mode until offline files are ready to use. Offline mode works for both English Russian Translations and Английский Русский Переводчик.

Other Benefits of the app are -

1. Voice translations - Speak into the app and translate easily.
2. Save your favorite Russian to English or English to Russian translations.
3. Translate on the go once the offline mode is ready.
4. Connect easily with your friends, family and colleagues with share feature. You can easily share your translations from within the app.
5. Speak confidently - Hear translations for both English and Russian languages as the app has inbuilt speak feature.
6. With this app you can learn to read, write and speak English or Russian language.
7. One simple app for word-meanings, dictionary and translations.

This app is your must have companion if you are a student who needs help with the homework.

If you are a traveler on a visit to Russian or English speaking countries, on vacations or for work, then this app will help you connect with locals easily.

Do you love reading? This app will make your readings fun as you don't have to refer a dictionary anymore. Easily translate difficult words (English or Russian) with this app.

If you are a language enthusiast then this app will be of immense assistance to you.

This Russian English Translator (Русский Английский Переводчик) is your companion, buddy and translation guru. Hope you will enjoy it.

Please note:

1. For offline mode to work, the app will perform one time download when you first start the app. The download size is close to 30 MB and once it gets downloaded successfully, you can use the app in offline mode thereafter. Based on your internet speed, it might take few minutes.

2. While the download happens in the background, you can still use the translation in online mode. You can check the