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About Best Value Background Check App ✅

Best Value Background Check offers Instant Background Checks. Find Criminal Records, Bankruptcies, Social Media, Photos, Contact Info and More! GET THE TRUTH on a friend, relative, online relationship, anybody. It's QUICK and EASY!

This app contains real criminal & public records including arrest records, felonies, sex crimes, mugshots, DUIs, etc. It also shows hidden social media profiles, address history, phone numbers, court documents and much more. Some of the information you find could be surprising and even disturbing.

Americans use background check apps for many different reasons. Here are just a few ways that you can use Best Value Background Check:

✅ You’re trying to find a person
✅ You need to learn if someone has a criminal record or a dangerous past
✅ A romantic interest is acting suspiciously, and you want to see if they’ve left any clues of infidelity
✅ You forgot a friend’s or relative’s address or phone number
✅ You’re curious to see if someone has financial assets or liabilities, such as liens or bankruptcies
✅ You want to run a background check on yourself

Best Value Background Check is a top, trusted company started in 2018 by data scientists, engineers and customer service professionals with more than 10 years experience delivering public record information via the Internet. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We search over 12 billion public records - from thousands of sources - to create an accurate, comprehensive report on almost anyone in the USA. We specialize in running background checks, searching criminal records and digging up hidden information on the dark web -- all so you know the deep truth about the many people in your life. You can look up your new romances, old class mates, annoying neighbors, strange coworkers or even familiar friends and relatives you've known for years. They will never know you're looking them up because our searches are 100% anonymous, guaranteed. This helps you have peace-of-mind, assured you have the best available information to make the decisions that keep you and your loved one safe and secure.

What are public records?

Public records can be found at the local, state, or federal level which are open to the public through the Freedom of Information Act. In some cases, you can write a letter to the government to receive public record data. In other cases, you may be required to visit the local county office in person. In most cases, you will need to visit hundreds of different public and private websites to get the single, easy-to-read report that Best Value Background Check provides. Just enter someone's name and location, and we'll search our massive database to give you instant results. While it's free to search our site as many times as you want, we charge a nominal fee to receive our 100% comprehensive reports, in order to pay for the time and money required to collect this information, store it, and present it on our website for your easy consumption. It's just $1 for your first report, and then you pay a nominal monthly fee if you want to view more reports, as many as you want! Our goal is total customer satisfaction, and we are confident you will find great value in our data quality and our exceptional customer service.

Data Availability

Information designated as part of the public record must be made reasonably available to the public. However, what is reasonable varies on the type of record. There may be costs associated with accessing public records as well as conditions or stipulations on accessing the information. Furthermore, when accessed through a government office, generally a person is limited to obtaining a single type of record. Public record search or background search information companies are able to provide this information in a single-search, which saves time, and may be able to provide a lower consolidated fee than would apply if someone paid any applicable search fees at each governmental organization.

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