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About Jumping Horses Champions 2

◆◆◆◆◆ This is a New Brand Version of Jumping Horses Champions. A game that mixes the arcade style with characteristics of simulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of a show jumping match in an immersive environment. Managing the money and the stables, the player can buy horses, which have their own attributes, and participates in challenging events to test its skills. Several features were added for this version.

*** IMPORTANT : Internet connection is required to play all features of the game. Although, after buying you first horse, you will be able to play a limited offline mode (if disconnected). ***

◆ Horse Care!

Now, the Player can care for its horses, grooming and feeding them. It would improve their attributes to achieve better results in the events.

◆ Cross platform!

Registering an account, the Player could save its progress and would be able to retrieve it in other installs or different devices.

◆ Multilingual!

Beyond the original English, now, Chinese users could also enjoy the game in their own language.

Other Features:

◆ 90 unique horses to race
◆ 2 groups of horses (divided by level)
◆ 6 events
◆ System of buying and selling horses
◆ Reward system for each event
◆ Intuitive Controls
◆ Clean interface
◆ Breeding Horses
◆ Training track

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Jumping Horses Champions 2?

Jumping Horses Champions 2 is a game that combines arcade-style gameplay with simulation elements. It offers an immersive environment where players can experience the excitement of show jumping matches.

Is an internet connection required to play Jumping Horses Champions 2?

Yes, an internet connection is required to access all the features of the game. However, after purchasing your first horse, you can still play a limited offline mode if disconnected.

Can I take care of my horses in Jumping Horses Champions 2?

Yes, you can now take care of your horses in the game by grooming and feeding them. This will improve their attributes and help you achieve better results in events.

Is Jumping Horses Champions 2 available on multiple platforms?

Yes, you can register an account and save your progress in Jumping Horses Champions 2. This means you can retrieve your progress on different devices or installations, making it a cross-platform game.

Are there different language options available in Jumping Horses Champions 2?

Yes, in addition to English, the game is also available in Chinese, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the game in their own language.

What are some of the other features of Jumping Horses Champions 2?

Jumping Horses Champions 2 offers 90 unique horses to race, divided into 2 groups based on their level. There are 6 challenging events, a system for buying and selling horses, and a reward system for each event. The game also has intuitive controls, a clean interface, and features like breeding horses and a training track.
Love It!!!!!!!
Chantelle de Lange
I love this game so much keep up the good work!
Boba Kinnie
Amazing game one of the best show jumping games out there but it would be a cool feature for a live player vs player jump off
Jericho and winter
Love the game but maybe whentraining if you could choose what height and different arenas may make it funner
Brôdie Ñiethe
A Google user
It's really fun but make that we can change the horses colors
A Google user