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EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box 😱 Screenshot 0
EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box 😱 Screenshot 1
EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box 😱 Screenshot 2
EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box 😱 Screenshot 3

About EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box 😱


Do you really know your mobile phone?

😱Open the box and solve 56 unique puzzles.
Only 5% of players did it! Are you up to the challenge?

Don't expect to answer some boring questions from an old guy with a white beard...

In EnigmBox you have to play with all your mobile phone functionalities

Manipulate and fiddle with your device like never before: Move it, take pictures, videos, speak, plug some stuff, press buttons and more.

Several times awarded because of its originality, EnigmBox will surprise you every time.

Kids can solve 90% of puzzles without breaking a sweat
Just imagine the "easiest" and the most "logic" solution. So no excuse!
Oh, I almost forgot! Take a fork! Yeah, really! |^^|

📱 Play differently with your mobile phone
🧩 56 original puzzles and more are coming
🆓 A ton of free puzzles
💡 2 Hints per puzzle
😃 Every puzzle is a new surprise


☑️ "Once in a while a puzzler comes alone that is just so beautiful & addictive, ..." 4/5 -

☑️ "EnigmBox really pushes you to think unconventionally, and this is why I especially recommend this game." - 5/5 -

☑️ "This entertainment is addicting with pretty surprises" -

☑️ 16/20 -

☑️ 4/5 - "Every puzzle is a surprise" -

☑️ 8/10 -


☑️ "This game is so fun! Stimulating for the brain too. You really need to think outside the box for some of these puzzles and it makes me feel that much more creative in the end. Great work!" - Quashawn H.

☑️ "I love how interactive each level is and it really does make you think outside the box, I was expecting more of a riddle based game, but this is much more exciting!" - Stephanie P.

☑️ "Most fun Ive had with logic puzzles on a phone. Brilliant app, thank you so much for making this." Kody K.


Top games Family: #11 France #5 Uruguay and #1 in our hearts
Top games Puzzle: #10 Russia #11 France #21 Iceland


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EnigmBox use the functionalities of your mobile phone (microphone, camera). This app will NOT STEAL your sensitive data. Please check out the privacy policy page for more details.


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❤️ Code: greatgame

Shawn Anderson
I love this game because its satifaying
Kavilyn Santos
I love how this game uses all the phone functions but i do not recommend if your phone has problems or isnt up to date with its updates.
Diane Brosnan