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About Hue Pro

Hue Pro is a new way to use your Philips Hue lighting system. It provides all the features of the native Philips Hue Android application, such as lighting presets. But it can also be used for scheduling events with alarms and timers. By scheduling an event you can set light presets to come on (or off) at a specific time in the future!

Hue Pro is designed to make using your Hue lighting system much easier and more convenient. With Hue Pro's Wifi Detection, you can have your lights turn on to a preset of your choice as you walk in your home's door! Or turn off as you leave! (These features have been moved to a separate app called Hue Pro Tasker. Check it out!)

With Hue Pro, you can even control your lights away from home! (Forwarding port 80 on your router to the bridge) Documentation on how to do this is inside the application!

Hue Pro Lava Lamp! Turn your room into a live lava lamp! Take full control of your Hue lighting system with everything at your finger tips.

Music mode! Have Hue Pro listen to your music through your microphone and change the lights to the beat!

NEW: Animated Presets! Create awesome looking progressive presets that change color how you decide!

** Lava lamp and Music mode are no longer an in-app purchase if purchased on or after December 19, 2016. They are now free :) **

Key features:
- Lighting presets
- Animated lighting presets
- Create alarms and timers
- Wifi Detection
- Control your lights away from home
- Widget control
- Light grouping
- Lava lamp
- Music integration
- Export / import settings

Tested devices:
- Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, 6, 7
- Pixel, Pixel XL
- Moto X, Moto X Pure
- Galaxy S3,S4,S5,S6,S7
- Galaxy Note 5
- Galaxy Tab 4
- Droid 4
- Original Droid
- Transformer Tablet

Contact Hue Pro at [email protected] with comments, concerns, and suggestions!

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My "Hue Pro" lighting app has had its growing pains off n on just like most lasting projects. As we all have dabbled with other apps, we realize the commitment of developers varies widely..Tirelessly updatin...
Michael Carney
Glad I can use something that still works with my perfectly functional old hue bridge.
Skyler Kehren
Okay, I love this app. It can be difficult to use, but that's mostly because there are just so many controls. After a bit of a learning curve though you learn just how many options this app opens up for you....
Jacob Adams