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About Taekwondo technique

Taekwondo martial arts must be familiar because this type of martial arts is very well known in Indonesia. Taekwondo is a martial art whose popularity is unquestionable and even contested at the Olympics. Tae has destructive meaning with legs, Kwon has boxing meaning and has artistic meanings or ways.

The basic techniques of taekwondo are quite a lot that must be learned and mastered and also need to know that taekwondo training includes comprehensive punch and defense systems by hand, but in general it is not really focused on the struggle.

There are 3 materials in taekwondo practice and this is also an important thing that taekwondo beginner athletes need to know:

Kyukpa. This technique is the technique of breaking hard objects and in practicing them, we need inanimate objects, such as tiles, bricks, or at least wooden boards where you can kick, hit, or hit.
Poomsae. This technique is a series of basic movements of defense and attack by fighting opponents in imaginary form.
Kyoruki. This is a battle exercise where basic movement techniques are applied. In this exercise, it takes 2 people to do it.

After learning the training material, the following are techniques that can be heard and trained properly.

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Mero Elsayad
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