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About Dalgona Candy Honeycomb Cookie

Dalgona Candy Honeycomb Cookie Kitchen & Challenge has arrived! This game will challenge your dexterity and concentration. Cut the shapes out, but don't crack the center of the main shape, or it's game over! Dexterity, concentration, and precision are required to play this! Patience is key, don't work too fast or you might just break it and have to start over!

There are many levels with various shapes including rainbows, umbrellas, ducks, hearts, flowers, animals and more!

Carve out the shapes and beat all challenge levels to become the Dalgona Candy Honeycomb Master!

Also play a bonus game of Dalgona Candy Honeycomb food maker where you get to make, and decorate your most delicious Candy Honeycomb creations! Enjoyable for kids of all ages, and families too!

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