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About Hey Duggee: The Counting Badge

Numbers made fun, with Hey Duggee’s first educational app: The Counting Badge.

Safe ad-free content for your little ones.

The Counting Badge has been designed with Early Years Foundation Stage learning outcomes at its core. Featuring a diverse mix of engaging counting tasks, with automatically adjusting difficulty levels, the game caters for Duggee fans of all ages.

Start by remembering which day of the week it is and picking what the weather looks like outside - then move swiftly on to some Early Years brain training! There are nine counting tasks to practice, each with four variations. That's 36 different activities to keep content fresh, while three levels of difficulty ensure that little minds will stay entertained and engaged for longer.

• Tap on the tadpoles one-by-one, counting up as you go. Keep practising with bubbles, apples and ducks.
• Pick which of the two groups of spiders matches the number shown on screen. Have another go with the frogs, worms or snails.
• Count the bees as you catch them and place them back in their hive. You'll also need to round up the cows, the chickens and the crows.
• Put the snakes in order, from smallest to biggest. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying with some socks, totem poles and test tubes.
• Sort the toucans from the flamingos by placing them in the correct paddling pool. There's plenty more sorting to do with bugs, pizza toppings and clubhouse toys.
• Count the alligators every time they raise their heads above the water. See if you can perfect your reaction times with rabbits, monkeys and mice.
• Decide whether there are more tulips or daisies in the field of flowers. Keep working out ‘which is more,’ with bugs, balloons and Jazz Fish.
• Identify the number that shows how many ants are holding up the hotdog. You'll also need to choose the correct number of penguins, rabbits and birds.
• And finally, as an early introduction to adding up, work out how many penguins are missing from the iceberg. You’ll need to do some more sums by deciding on the missing number of sandwiches, bananas and birds.

Playing through five activities will earn the player a Gold Star and every fourth star will see Duggee award them their Counting Badge. Profiles for up to three players can be saved, allowing your little ones to pick up exactly where they left off each time they return to the app.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get counting!

Key Features:
• Counting tasks chosen based on Early Years numeracy learning objectives
• Designed to cover the varying abilities of the 2 to 6 year old range.
• Encourages player recognition of days of the week, dates in the month and the weather outside.
• 36 counting screens keep content fresh and maximise the duration of engagement (9x mechanics each with 4x variations)
• Stored player profiles regulate difficulty progression for each counting mechanic (3x difficulty levels)
• Gold star collection mechanic plus daily award of the Counting Badge encourages repeat plays

Customer Care:
If you experience any technical issues with this app please get in touch. Most issues can be easily fixed and we are happy to help. Contact us at [email protected]

This app will ask for permission to access your device's camera. This app does not collect or store any personal data from your device. View our privacy policy here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hey Duggee: The Counting Badge?

Hey Duggee: The Counting Badge is an educational app designed to make learning numbers fun for children.

Is the app safe for children?

Yes, the app is safe and ad-free, making it a suitable choice for young children.

What age range is the app designed for?

The app is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

How many counting tasks are there in the app?

There are nine counting tasks with four variations each, providing a total of 36 different activities to keep the content fresh.

Are there different difficulty levels in the app?

Yes, the app offers three levels of difficulty to cater to different skill levels and keep children entertained and engaged.

How does the game progress and reward players?

Playing through five activities earns the player a Gold Star, and every fourth star leads to the player receiving their Counting Badge from Duggee.

Can multiple players use the app?

Yes, the app allows for up to three player profiles, so each child can save their progress and continue where they left off.

How can customers get help or support for technical issues with the app?

Customers experiencing technical issues can contact customer support at [email protected] for assistance.

Does the app collect any personal data from the user's device?

No, the app does not collect or store any personal data from the user's device.
Hey Duggee The Counting Badge
Gets harder and engages well
Mark Grudgings
counting with Duggee is great
Kayley Auty
My little one really likes it. No bugs or crashes so far
wayne williamson
It's cute
A Google user