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About Barakat

Barakat is your go-to online grocer for the freshest fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads, ice creams, juice-pops & more. A convenient, user friendly e-grocery store, Barakat brings you the largest variety of fresh produce from the best sources around the world. With same day or next day delivery via hygenic, food-grade refrigerated vehicles, we ensure freshness & quality remain intact till your doorstep

Order from your smart phone or your laptop in a jiffy and enjoy our fresh juices, ice creams and ice pops too!

* Fresh Vegetables
- Regular & Organic Vegetables
- Cut & Sanitized Vegetables
* Fresh Fruits
- Cut Fruits & Fruit Platters and Fruit Baskets
* Barakat Fresh Juices (no added sugar, no preservatives)
- Single Fruit Juices, Fresh Blends
- Keto Juices
- Immunity-boosting Juice Shots (60ml)
* Barakat Ice-creams
* Fresh Juice-popsicles
* Salads & Crudites
* Dairy & Eggs
* Bakery and more!

Barakat - Serving you the best of Fresh since 1976

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does Barakat offer?

Barakat offers a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads, ice creams, and juice-pops.

How can I order from Barakat?

You can easily order from Barakat using your smart phone or laptop.

Does Barakat offer same-day or next-day delivery?

Yes, Barakat provides same-day or next-day delivery via hygienic, food-grade refrigerated vehicles.

Are the fruits and vegetables from Barakat fresh?

Yes, Barakat ensures freshness and quality by sourcing the produce from the best sources around the world.

Can I find organic vegetables at Barakat?

Yes, Barakat offers a variety of regular and organic vegetables.

Does Barakat have a selection of fresh juices?

Yes, Barakat offers a range of fresh juices including single fruit juices, fresh blends, and immunity-boosting juice shots.

Are Barakat's juices free from additives?

Yes, Barakat's fresh juices have no added sugar or preservatives.

Does Barakat offer ice creams and juice-popsicles?

Yes, Barakat has a selection of ice creams and fresh juice-popsicles.

Can I find salads and crudites at Barakat?

Yes, Barakat offers a variety of salads and crudites.

Does Barakat also provide dairy, eggs, and bakery items?

Yes, Barakat has a range of dairy, eggs, bakery items, and more.