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About Banuba - Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects

Let’s face it. Not much has changed. As kids, we loved playing dress up. As we’ve grown older... well, we still love playing dress up.

Banuba gives anyone with a smartphone access to dozens and dozens of face filters. Wanna be Santa Claus? Done. Wanna rock a giant cupcake on your head? Easy. Wanna be a vampire DJ? We’ve got you covered there too.

Banuba offers one of the coolest selfie photo & video experiences that exists today. In mere moments you can transform any boring day or conversation into a vibrant experience bursting at the seams with creativity, imagination and cheek-aching hilariousness.

Download Banuba right now and start surprising your friends, family, coworkers and crushes on social media and messenger with our vast lineup of face filters and masks.

Here are a few more reasons you should download Banuba:

- You instantaneously become cooler on all social platforms
- You can shoot, save and share your photo & video face filters wherever, whenever.
- You get access to tons of filters & masks, and we’re constantly adding new ones
- Folks are 90% more likely to land a date while using Banuba (just kidding, we made that last one up, it can’t hurt your chances though)

Download Banuba and start transforming everyday conversations, pictures and videos into something creative, imaginative, hilarious and awe-inspiring.

Before using any of Banuba’s services, please review and agree to our Terms and Conditions:

Get to know our Privacy Policy. Learn how we protect and treat your sensitive personal data:

Feel free to share your epic selfies, fun videos or your ideas with us!
Facebook:  @BanubaApp
Instagram: @Banuba.App

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Banuba?

Banuba is a mobile application that provides access to various face filters and masks for photos and videos.

How can I use Banuba?

Simply download the Banuba app on your smartphone and start using the face filters and masks to add creativity and humor to your photos and videos.

Can I share my creations on social media?

Yes, you can shoot, save, and share your photo and video face filters on various social media platforms.

Are there a variety of filters and masks available?

Yes, Banuba offers a wide range of filters and masks, and new ones are constantly being added.

Does using Banuba improve my social media presence?

Using Banuba can make you instantly cooler on all social platforms and add uniqueness to your posts.

How can I protect my personal data while using Banuba?

Please review and agree to Banuba's Privacy Policy to learn how your sensitive personal data is protected and treated.

How can I contact Banuba?

You can share your epic selfies, fun videos, or ideas with Banuba on Facebook (@BanubaApp) and Instagram (@Banuba.App).
ch. fayaz Kutch
I love this app it is fun
Joy Wairia
Artina Usefi
It's an amazing app you should definitely get it
Gacha Gh
Good job
Nazi Asadi
Nice app
Ameen Alassi