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Scary Mad Math Teacher Loves Chips & Snacks Mod Screenshot 0
Scary Mad Math Teacher Loves Chips & Snacks Mod Screenshot 1
Scary Mad Math Teacher Loves Chips & Snacks Mod Screenshot 2
Scary Mad Math Teacher Loves Chips & Snacks Mod Screenshot 3

About Scary Mad Math Teacher Loves Chips & Snacks Mod

After buying and eating all new salty savory crunchy delicious chip potato chips snacks baldi buy from a store makes baldi loves chips and you will kind of hate it. He does love chips but also baldi likes chips anyway baldi can't really get these potato chips snacks open then baldi loves chips asked you to help baldi to open and collect all chips baldi forgot to take after buying it before. Every class baldi teaching learning eat chips and education needed to be collect by you baldi best & favourite students. That potato chips is so delicious until makes scary baldi loves chips always likes holding a delicious bag of potato chips snacks. Sometimes when you get a chips of snacks from baldi loves chips & baldi likes potato chips snacks baldi will showing you YCTP unique mathematic questions you must filled in correctly, if not baldi likes chips will punch slap you with scary baldi loves chips snacks in his hands, this remake and remastered 3d horror mystery edition game mod can be scary horror game 3d because so many jumpscare and unwanted horror sound and not a learning or any real education for mathematics.

Some baldi loves chips snacks mod friends can be friendly and helpful but at the same time baldi friends can be your worse enemy because they team-up with baldi to catch you down. In some case, character such as 1st prize or playtime can be so helpful but at the same time bully and the school principal can be so disturbing to intefere with all of them at once in baldi scary psycho horror mad panic realistic 3d mysterious mod survival school house class.

Go get your seven notebooks and 8 chip bags and exit here school house, before you get chipped by baldi loves chips snacks. When you meet baldi likes chips mod, baldi will explain the premis and deep lore of this baldi chips mod game which is so simple that baldi likes chips and baldi loves chips mod more than anyone of this scary school teacher class. This time baldi discovers chips and baldi loves eating potato chips snacks and its weird because baldi stole my chips and that's where baldi addiction to potato chips has gone too far. It's seems that baldi loves everything like snacks and you must never let baldi loves chips eating potato chips snacks because it is terrifying.

I love it
Dorothy Truman
I think it will be a good game😎😎
Makhai Bennett