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About Magical Animal: 180 Animal and

The Magical Animal APP is a free version of the BabyCollie series of APPs. It is positioned to contribute to the popularization of animal knowledge and animal protection!

The BabyCollie Magical Animal APP allows you to recognize the sounds of more than 180 animals and birds at home!

※Even more unique, it can be upgraded like a game for more content and advanced features!※

Well, now we open the BabyCollie APP, you can quickly browse the five special animal areas:

Forest, Grassland Animals, Wild Birds, Domestic Animals, Aquatic Animals

In addition, you can also quickly switch among the special areas such as "Cute animals area", "Wild animals area", "Rare animals area" at the top!

Every life picture of animals and birds in the BabyCollie APP has been carefully selected so that you can identify and remember what animal or bird it is at a glance!

※Hey, what’s even more amazing is that you heard the sound of this animal today, but maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the sound of this animal has changed again, God, it will change often!※

Ok, if you finish the above content soon, you can also enter the "Find" animal zone, there are various animals and birds waiting for you to discover! For example:

Canine, Herbivores, Carnivores, Little Birds, Feline!

In addition to the above types of animals and birds, you will also see other more professional animal classifications that will amaze you!

In order to break through the traditional animal display methods and make the animals related horizontally and vertically, BabyCollie adopts advanced big data analysis methods and scientific professional animal display taxonomy, visitors can get basic knowledge about the classification of common animals!

BabyCollie APP supports a variety of mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones and tablets (from 4 inches to 12 inches and other device models)!

The screen is simple and easy to understand. You can complete all interactive operations by clicking, swiping the screen, or double-clicking the large picture!

It is suitable for all ages, including kids and babies!

Privacy Policy

We attach great importance to the protection and privacy of your and your children's personal data, and are committed to ensuring that the application complies with the privacy policy! For more details, please visit our privacy policy website:

About BabyCollie

A special application for kids and babies to learn animal and birds sounds, like a game! The BabyCollie application is a professional cloud application for animals, looking forward to meeting you!

※Tip: This APP will get more content in a way like game level upgrade! The BabyCollie Member version of "BabyCollie Pro" APP can be obtained directly and used quickly!※

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