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About Chan Prin Gaelyka – Romantic Visual Novel

Welcome to the romantic visual novel Chan Prin, where you can custom your heroine and seduce the boys and girls that you will get to know in the college!
You can read and play this story for free.

=== This story is specially suitable for you if... ===

* You like enjoying big doses of action, drama, mystery, humour, romance and love.
* You don’t want to miss the chance to see these animated characters and their reactions, including the protagonist!
* You want to have the chance to flirt with male and female characters.
* You want to develop your heroine’s story as long as you discover the one of the surrounding characters.
* You read manga and love anime on a daily basis… You will love it!
* You enjoy visual novels or are a fan of Otome genre, and dating games.
* You enjoy the Chan Prin manga, where this videogame comes from, as it develops in the same universe and time. You will find multiple references to the work!
* You want to have real power about your decisions inside a real interactive story. You can be a charming, terrible, naughty or sweet heroine… And all that will affect your story’s path!

=== Features ===

Enjoy a fantasy-medieval universo that mixes the classic topics of an epic adventure with the modern social media. Fight with a sword while posting a picture in Princebook!
You can interact, seduce and flirt with up to 10 different characters.
Dress and custom your protagonist as you like best, with three race choices for the illustrations and hundreds of pieces of clothes, wigs and complements to move forward during the game.
Your decisions are important. Your responses will change significantly the path of the story in this incredible interactive visual novel.
An open-minded Otome, where everything is possible in love!

=== Historia ===

The small kingdom where you live is undergoing hard times, as due to a series of disasters, the financial situation is really bad… Therefore, not to provoke any more expenses, your parents, the sovereigns of the kingdom decide to send you to study with a grant to the prestigious Royal Rouse, a college devoted to train all the princes and princesses in the continent.

In the moment when your journey to the college starts, you notice that your life is changing… and there you will know all the different students from royalty, each of them with their own reasons to be there. How will this affect your life and the other’s? Will you find love in this romantic adventure? You will have to discover it step by step.

===How to play===

Open the app.
Start your fantastic adventure in this interactive romantic visual novel.
Decide your character’s name and race.
Choose the best responses… and decide your destiny and the other’s!

=====Download for FREE NOW the Otome "Chan Prin Gaelyka – a Romantic visual novel by eBabylonGames!=====
* This game requires Internet connection.

Learn more about eBabylonGames:
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Follow us on Twitter: @EbabylonGames and @ChanPrin_RR

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Humayan Kabir
Good game 👍👍👌👌
Ndapewa Kalimbo
Funny and sorry I didn't play but I think is funny
perfet game
reynaldo irazabal
Please have it as too where you can buy the actual game because I don't like using the tickets for's so long I would literally pay for it
Mikoto Misaka
I personally like this game except for so many typos and sometimes the words dont even show and hope that you could sell separate episodes i would love to buy them all instead of using energy. Maybe 4.49 for...
YoRHa No.2 Type B